Using your Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

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About the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Process

Most customers of the TWP system have an internal Single Point of Contact (SPOC). The SPOC is a person within your organization who will act at the liaison between your company and Concepts2Code. They will manage any support requests and will communicate regularly with Concepts2Code about any feature requests.

The role of the SPOC is to become an expert at using the system so that they may field the internal questions from your users. If you have a question or issue with the software, pleases contact your SPOC. The SPOC will attempt to resolve the issue or provide you the training needed to perform the task in question. Think of your SPOC as the support person for the entire system. They are the person to contact with all issues.

The SPOC will be able to resolve most issues within your company. In the event that they cannot resolve the issue, they will create a support ticket within the Concepts2Code ticking system. At that point, Concepts2Code will work with your SPOC to diagnose the issue.

Why can't I just contact Concepts2Code instead of going through a SPOC?

Most companies license the TWP software based on using an SPOC. This means that your company has received a price because you have allocated a resource to support your users instead of requiring support from Concepts2Code for each individual user. If your company has 500 users and 10 of them have a similar question about the software, your SPOC will communicate that support request only once and work until it is resolved. This eliminates 90% of the support costs for your company.

What's the SPOC's role in new feature requests by our company?

In addition to your SPOC being your internal point of contact for support issues and training, your SPOC is the liaison for new feature requests that are specific to your company. Your SPOC will work with our team to ensure that new features requests are properly submitted. We will review feature requests from your company with your SPOC and determine if and when the changes can be incorporated into the system. Your SPOC will provide the final review of the changes and new features that have been specifically requested by your company.

Do we have to use the SPOC process?

Generally yes but it is really up to your company. The SPOC process is used to reduce your companies cost. If your pricing reflects the use of an internal SPOC, you must use them before contacting Concepts2Code. If you would prefer that all users in your company be allowed to contact Concepts2Code directly, we can work with you to provide pricing based on support being provided for each user directly.  


The purpose of the single point of contact is to ensure that all communications are channeled through a single decision maker and that support requests are not duplicated. This results in a greater cost savings to your company. 

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