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NOTE: TWP allows each agency to customize the terminology that it uses. As a result, the terms we use in our documentation or screen shots may not be the same that you see in your application. The terms Tag, Group and Department are all commonly used to identify a Group of users.

To add multiple users to a group, start by going to Settings and then Manage Department or Groups.

If you do not see these options, you do not have permission to perform this action. Contact your TWP administrator to get the proper permissions.

You will see a list of groups with the count of the number of Agents in the group.

Click on any group to edit it.

To change the name of the group edit the text box and click Update.

By default you will see only the users who are currently in the group. In order to add new users you will need to click the Show All Users Link.

Once you are viewing all of the users, click the checkbox next to any user to add them to the group. When you add a user to a group using this screen you cannot enter a start or end date. This means that the user is always considered to be in the group at all times. 

To remove a user from a group, un-check the box next to their name. This will remove the user from the group and clear out any dates.

NOTE: If you wish to track historical group membership, you can enter starting and ending dates instead of just removing a user from a group. If a user changes from Group A to Group B, you can enter the final date for the users membership in Group A and add a starting date for Group B. This method is more work, but it allows you to track a users group membership over time.

In order to edit the Start Date and End Date of a group entry you must click the username of the user that you want to edit. This will bring up a screen that allows you to fully enter all of the group memberships for that user. When you are done editing, click the Save button and you will be returned to the Group edit page.

In the example below the agent was on the A Team from 1/1/2016 to 6/30/2019 and them was moved to the B Team. You do not need to enter and End Date if the user is actively in the group.

Groups can be used for training assignments and for other purposes. By having the start and end date you can control what training assignments will be assigned to an agent. You can specify and end date without loosing the historical data that tells you what group the user was in previously. This can be useful when running historical reports or during an audit. 

In the screen shot below, but John and Jane were in the Managers group. John was remove from the group on 6/30/2019. The current date is 8/30/2019 so only Jane is active in the group. If a training assignment is made to this group, Jane will get the assignment and John will not.

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