Sending Campaigns from SCollect

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Our integration with SCollect enables our clients to seamlessly compile accounts and create campaigns that will be ready and awaiting approval in our TakeWebPayments admin site. For your reference, we have provided general instructions on how to begin sending campaigns with specific account data and or settlement offers directly to our solution. For troubleshooting and/or specific questions on how to configure the integrations in SCollect, please contact SCollect support.

Setup Integrations

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Click on the Portal\Email
  3. Enter the following values:

            Service – Concepts2Code

            Username –smax-api

            Password – provided by Concepts2Code

            Apikey –

            Enter the customer's portal name with api extension.


Configure Email Template Integration

  1. Go to Letters on the top menu
  2. Click on Email Campaigns
  3. Click the Template icon on the left-hand side menu (third icon on the left side-menu)
  4. Create an email template, must use the exact same name as the "Internal" C2C" Email template name
  5. Enter Values:

            Template Name – enter the name of the template EXACTLY as it is named in the C2C internal field name.

            Service Name – select Concepts2Code from the drop-down menu

            Subject – give the campaign template a name

            Date added – will default to today’s date

            Date Last Used – will automatically populate with the last date the template was used

            Added by – will automatically populate with the name of the user who created the template.

            Template Type - select the type of template being used.


 Send an email campaign

  1. Go to the Email Campaigns tab (second icon on the left-side menu)
  2. Click the (+) icon to add a campaign
  3. Enter the following and click Save:

Name - enter the name of the campaign in the Name field

Enter Source – select Concepts2Code from the drop-down menu

Email Template – select the name of the email template to be used for the campaign.

Send a SIF offer

To send a SIF offer follow the below steps.


  1. Check the Is SIF box to display the SIF values
  2. Enter Settlement Percentage – enter the percentage of the balance to be paid.
  3. For example 75% will discount 25% off the full balance. $100 balance will be discounted to the consumer for a settlement of $75.           
  4. Number of pays – set the number of payments allowed
  5. Settlement Finish – the date the settlement offer will be finished.

    IMPORTANT- Be sure to set the Settlement Finish date to a future date far enough out to ensure the consumer can make all the payments. After that date the SIF offer becomes null and void and is not offered on the account anymore Therefore on the portal, after this date the SIF WILL NOT  show on the consumer's account anymore.


Filter Accounts

To filter on accounts needed to send a campaign.

  1. Click on the File Folder icon  
  2. Check the accounts you wish to select for the campaign . 
  3. Click the arrow in the middle to include in the campaign.
  4. Click Add Accounts.
  5. Check the box in front of each of the accounts you wish to add to the campaign from the far left box. 
  6. Click the green arrow in between the two boxes to move the accounts to the Include box.
  7. Click Add Filter. 
  8. Click Preview to show the list of accounts that will be included in the on screen grid.
  9. Click the Add Accounts button at the bottom of the screen.


The total number of accounts will be displayed for validation prior to sending. See screen shot sample below.

If you wish you can scrub the accounts prior to sending. See SCollect for additional information on these options.

Once the above information has been configured. Click Send Through Integration.

A campaign will be created in your TakeWebPayment admin portal ready to be Approved and Sent.

If you have specific Smax questions please contact Smax support for assistance. 

For inquires related to our TakeWebPayment portal, please submit a ticket to us at 


If your campaign contains less accounts than you expect or you get this error. Then SCollect is filtering out some of your accounts. Contact SCollect to have them determine what is causing these accounts to be filtered.


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