Concepts2Code offers complete integrations to all collection systems for free. This includes 2-way API's for real-time data exchange. These are available to collection software systems, so that they may integrate directly with our portal systems. If the collection system has their own API then an integration is possible as well. Integration is key to creating the best solutions for our customers and we believe in providing as many integrations as possible. 

SCollect (by SMAX Technologies has a complete integration with the Payment Portal. Users of this system can expect the following benefits:

  • There is no charge to integrate
  • SMAX is a partner of Concepts2Code so we work directly with them. Customers do not need to worry about setting anything up
  • Data exchanges are in real-time. Consumers can see up-to-the-minute information on their account. Likewise, agents can see up-to-the-minute information about consumers who are using the site and opening emails.
  • All payment information is transferred instantly.
  • All email activity is transferred instantly.
  • All email tracking is available in SMAX and in the portal
  • Settlement information can be sent directly from SMAX to the portal allowing you to send settlement campaigns the align instantly with the portal.