Concepts2Code offers complete integrations to all collection systems for free. This includes 2-way API's for real-time data exchange. These are available to collection software systems, so that they may integrate directly with our Payment Portal. If your collection system has their own API then an integration is possible as well. Integration is key to creating the best solutions for our customers and we believe in providing as many integrations as possible. 

SCollect (by SMAX Technologies has a complete integration with the Payment Portal. Users of this system can expect the following benefits:

  • There is no charge to integrate
  • SMAX is a partner of Concepts2Code so we work directly with them. Customers do not need to worry about setting anything up
  • Data exchanges are in real-time. Consumers can see up-to-the-minute information on their account. Likewise, agents can see up-to-the-minute information about consumers who are using the site and opening emails.
  • All payment information is transferred instantly.
  • All email activity is transferred instantly.
  • All email tracking is available in SMAX and in the TakeWebPayment portal.
  • Settlement information can be sent directly from SMAX to the portal allowing you to send settlement campaigns that align with the TakeWebPayment portal.

Email Campaigns in SCollect

SCollect has a built in campaign builder that is fully integrated with Concepts2Code's email campaigns. This means that you can initiate campaigns from the Concepts2Code portal or from SCollect. For more information on how to use SCollect, please reach out their team.

Settlement Offers in SCollect

There are two ways to present your consumers with Settlements when logging in the the TakeWebPayment portal if you are using SCollect.

Global Offers

During setup of the web portal, you will have the option to configure a global setting for Settlement offers. You can specify the settlement amount, max number of payments and the total number of days to pay the settlement. This will globally offer the settlement to all consumers.

This setting can be setup during onboarding. If you wish to change this setting, you can contact our support team ( We are happy to make this change for you,

Global Offers a quick and easy way to allow you to offer settlements to all consumers without additional work on your end. For example, assume the following settings were made on your system:

  • Settlement Percent: 75 
  • Max Number of Payments: 6
  • Max Number of Days: 180

These settings would be applied to all consumer accounts. For example, if "John Doe" logged in on 1/1/2023 and had a balance of $1,000. He would be offered a settlement of $750. The offer would require him to agree to payments that totaled $750. It would present a screen with 6 payments of $125 spaced out over the next 180 days (6 months).

Individual Offers

Individual offers can be made on each account within SCollect. For more information on SCollect, please contact your support team. This documentation walks you through the basics of creating Settlement Offers when the Email Campaign is being generated. The benefit of this is that you create individual offers and send out emails to notify them. When the consumers login to the portal they are presented with the settlement offer.

** Steps to perform this task in SCollect will be added soon.

SCollect Fields

May fields in SCollect are mapped to fields within the portal. Most are self explanatory such as First Name or Current Balance. Some other fields that are not as easily mapped are detailed below. 

  • Cell Phone - In the portal there can be only one cell phone number per consumer. In SCollect there can be many numbers with many statuses on each account. The cell phone which is used for texting is determined by looking at all phone numbers on an account and picking the most appropriate. In order for a cell phone number to be detected the status of the phone type must be "Cell Phone" and the phone status must be "Good Number". By setting these two fields accurately, you will allow the portal to get the correct cell phone number for texting. If more than one numbers are found that meet the criteria, the first one will be used.
  • Allow Consumer To Access - this is controlled by the account status field in SCollect. By default all users can access the portal. You may specify any number of statuses to not allow access. Some common examples are: RECALL, RECALLED, FLAGGED, CLOSE

Payment Processing / Post Dates

With an SCollect integration, immediate credit card payments are processed right away and the confirmation is sent to SCollect immediately. Credit Card post dates are tokenized and sent to SCollect immediately. SCollect will process all post dates as if they were added by an agent in SCollect. No manual processing is necessary to get payments from the web into SCollect.

ACH payments (single and post dates) are also sent directly to SCollect immediately. ACH will be processed in the standard methods using SCollect as if an agent had entered the information. 

Below is a matrix of the payment types that are taken on the web and what system will send them to the processor. 

Type of payment taken on portalSent to SCollectPayment sent to processor
Immediate Credit Card PaymentrealtimePortal
Post dated Credit Card PaymentrealtimeSCollect
Immediate ACH PaymentrealtimeSCollect
Post dated ACH PaymentrealtimeSCollect

Linked Accounts in SCollect

Accounts in SCollect are not linked together automatically in the API. This is something that may be added in a later version. If you are an SCollect user and want to have accounts linked together you many manually link them in the portal. See the following for more information:

Login/Registration Options

In addition to the standard registration options, SCollect also supports using the Last name, Zip and DOB to validate the consumer. This can be used instead of the standard 2 options which require the reference number or the SSN. This options is sometimes preferable to avoid the user having to know their reference number or enter their SSN.