Scheduling Email Campaigns

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This article discusses scheduling email campaigns for a particular time. More detailed directions for creating campaigns can be found at this link:


When creating an Email Campaign, you can pick the time that it will be sent. To create a campaign go to Campaigns --> Send Email Campaign. 


The Earliest Start Time indicates the earliest the campaign will start sending. The example below shows a campaign scheduled to start on November 3rdth at 3pm.

For your convenience, you can quickly select any hours during the current day or the following day from the drop down. If you want to schedule something further out into the future, select the option to Pick Custom Date/Time. This will allow you to select any date and time.

Scheduling Considerations

When scheduling campaigns to be sent at specific times, be sure to consider other factors that can affect the sending time.

Global sending times will be enforced in addition to the sending times of each campaign. For example, if your global sending times are from 9am to 5pm, but you schedule the campaign to be sent at 8am, the global sending times will prevent it from being sent until 9am.

The length of time to send a campaign should also be considered. For small campaigns, this is not an issue. For large campaigns, be sure to factor in the time it takes to send all of the emails in the campaign. If you want all the emails to be complete by 9pm, do not schedule a large campaign for 8pm. You can determine average sending times based on previous campaigns. Most sites can send at least 30,000 emails per hour. Various factors affect this speed. If you have questions, contact us and we can determine your estimated sending speed.

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