When sending out batch emails, sometimes you may encounter a 500 Error as shown below. Although you have selected a template to send out the batch there may be some issues with the naming convention of the template in used.

Admin: Global Error: TWPSharedWeb.UserFriendlyException: Email template not found

This message can be the result of an issue with the email or letter template name. Below are a few troubleshooting tips to assist with resolving the issue and getting batches out. 

  • check the length of the template name. We recommend keeping the template name to a maximum of 30 characters including spaces.
  • remove any double spaces between words.
  • remove any unusual characters such as & or / that may be considered code.

Note: The EasyWebDocs solution will automatically add a date and time stamp at the end of each email or letter campaign for purposes of tracking and auditing.