Create a Training Program

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Training Program Overview

The versatile Training module is a beneficial tool for many areas of the organization. Create custom training programs for onboarding new staff, continuing education, or ensure industry regulated educational material is administered and acknowledged. Build a training program to meet a diversity of educational uses such as:

Onboarding trainings to cover general firm-wide policies and procedures that must be read and acknowledged upon hire and on a continuous basis during employment.

Continuing education trainings based on corporate or industry specific focus areas to empower employees to learn new skills and advance their career.

Industry required programs can be built to adhere to industry requirements, scored for accuracy, and tracked for regulatory reporting.

Create a New Training Program

To create a new training program watch this brief video

1.     Click on Training at the top and then click the New link at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in all the required fields as shown below

  1. Training Name - The name of the specific training course. 
  2. Due Date - The date the training is due for anyone who is assigned the training.
  3. Minimum Passing Score - the score (percent) needed to pass the training.
  4. Once you click Save a training program is created.

Training Categories

Various categories can also be used to group trainings. To create Training Categories:

  1. Click on Manage Categories
  2. Enter a new category name
  3. Click Save
  4. The new category will show up in the drop-down menu for any training program.

Add Training Documents


Documents can be added for the agents to review as part of the training. PDF, PowerPoint and Word documents can be uploaded as reference material to be reviewed as part of a training course.

  1. Click Choose Files.
  2. Windows navigator will now open to select a file.
  3. Select a file using Windows explorer.
  4. Click Upload.

Change Documents

To change documents associated with a training program: 

  1. Click Choose Files once again.
  2. Navigate to a new file using Windows explorer.
  3. Select the file.
  4. Click Upload.

Delete Documents

To remove documents from a training:

  • Click the [X} next to the document name. A prompt will appear to confirm the deletion of the document.
  • Click OK
  • The file will then be removed from the training program.

Add Training Questions

All training programs must have at least one question associated with it. All questions are set as multiple choice options

  1. To start adding questions click the Add Question button.
  2. Enter the question text in the Question box.
  3. Enter each possible answer within the Answers box.
  4. Click the check box to the right to identify which Is Correct ,this identifies the correct answer. 
    1. By default there are four spaces to enter answers. If you have less than four, just leave the last few blank. 
    2. If you have more than four, use the plus (+) symbol at the bottom of the question to add more lines.
  5. Click Save Question to save the question.

Note: Questions are automatically numbered when entered into the program.

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