Create A Copy

Save time with the Copy feature to create a duplicate copy of an existing test.  Copying an existing training program will copy all questions and users assigned to it. It will become a brand new test. All assigned users will get a new assignment for this test regardless of their completion of the test that is being copied. 

To copy an existing test:

  1. Navigate to the Training tab.
  2. In the Edit Training window, click on the Copy link in the upper right.
  3. A new window appears to acknowledgement the test being copied.
  4. Click Copy once again.
  5. A new test is then created with (copy) at the end.
  6. The new test will consist of:
    • Questions
    • Documents
    • Users

Assign User to New Test

  1. Click on Add/Remove Users to confirm the users who should be assigned the test.
  2. Check the list of assigned users in the grid
  3. Click Remove next to their name if they should not be assigned.
  4. Or reassign by Department or Group.  
  5. If a new user was added since the last test was assigned, click on the Assign User and add them to the list of participants.
  6. Click Assign User. Once assigned the user will then see the new test on their Dashboard as shown below.