How are accounts linked together?

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Each collection system has their own way of integrating data into the Concepts2Code Portal. There are two main categories of data integrations:

  • Importing Consumer Files - If you are manually/automatically importing a consumer file, the portal uses the fields SSN, Last Name and Date of birth to link accounts together. If all three are populated and are the same for multiple accounts, the accounts will be considered linked. If any of the fields are blank, the linking will not take place.

  • API Integration - Each API has its own linking logic. This logic is controlled at the API level. Please refer to your specific API documents for how accounts are linked. 

How do I see if accounts are linked?

  1. Log into the portal and go to the Consumer Tab
  2. Search by Email, Last Name, Original Account Number or Reference Number. Click on the account once the search has completed
  3. There are 3 places to look for linked accounts on the consumer's page:
    1. Linked Accounts (Integration) - accounts here are from your collection system or from the data that was uploaded. The links exist from one account to another account.

    2. Linked Accounts (Additional) - this is a legacy linking system. It should no longer be used.

    3. Linked Web Accounts - accounts that are linked in the portal by creation of web account. This links an email user to one or more accounts. When the user logs in with their email address, each of the accounts shown in this section will be visible to them. The user is auto linked using the accounts that are found in the Integration when the user logs in. You can manually link and un-link additional accounts here. Keep in mind that the auto-linking will refresh each time the user logs in, so if you want to assign an account to a new user, you should un-assign and re-assign it to the new user before the auto-linking takes place. Each account can only be linked to a single email address at a time.

  4. Linked Accounts (Integration) and Linked Account (Additional) will appear on the account level. The account that are linked to an email address will show up when you search for Web Users. 

The system does provide an option to manually link accounts as well. Please refer to the article below:

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