Email Clipping

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What is email clipping?

When you send an email to Gmail, they will sometimes chop off a part of it and replace it with a little link at the bottom that says “[Message clipped]  View entire message”. Gmail automatically clips all emails with a message size larger than 102KB. An email message includes elements such as the text, hyperlinks, and images in its code and each character of the code weighs approximately 1 to 2 bytes. The total byte size of the characters in the code constitute the message size.

Ways to avoid email clipping

Understand your email components: Reduce email size, clean your HTML code, limit image use and simplify your language. The size of an email isn’t just about the text, but the sum of various components, including Images. Images tend to be loaded externally (like from your ESPs library, or from your website). The overall number of images does impact the total amount of code in the email, so in some templates, you might discover that you can only include a specific number of images without triggering clipping.

URL's And Hyperlinks:

The addition of extra information such as URLs can increase the email size. Keep this in mind when crafting your content.

Headers and footers: 

These are integral parts of your email structure, but they contribute to the overall size.

For more information on Gmail clipping, contact

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