Configure Consumer Opt-Out Settings

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug 2022 at 03:57 PM

The Opt-Out page is fully configurable based on your business needs. You can configure the text displayed for the general instructions and each of the primary forms of communication, email or text/phone, by using the Opt-Out Settings located on the Admin Settings page. Check our our help article for additional information on how to manually Opt-Out a consumer


When configuring the text there are two separate lines of text to consider. The first line will consist of the button text displayed to the consumer. The second line of text (optional) will appear as more detailed information below the button, as shown below.


The email opt-out will add the user's email address to the Blacklist also know as the Do Not Email (DNE) list. This will also unsubscribe them from any future email campaigns. 

The text opt-out will add the consumer's phone number to the Do Not Text/Call (DNT) list. 

Although the consumer has selected to refuse communications at a given address or phone number they are given the opportunity to provide an alternative email or phone number to be used for future communications. 

When a consumer opts out, and/or provided an alternative preferred method of contact such as a new email address, the system  will automatically track the activity and provide the system administrator will be notified via a daily report so you may update your collections systems appropriately. Each option will be noted differently in the notes so that you may take further action if needed.

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