How to Reset a Password on a Consumer's Online Account

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When a consumer registers with the website they are required to enter an email address and choose a password. This email/password combination is used to validate the user on each login to the website.

If a user forgets their password or enters the wrong password too many times they will be locked out of their account. An agent with appropriate permissions must reset their account.

When this happens, the consumer will receive an email with a password reset link in it. They can use this link to create a new password. The link will expire after 24 hours.

Instructions for an Agent to reset a Consumer Password

Begin by searching for the users account by reference number. If the consumer has more than one reference number, you can use any one of them. For more details on viewing an account refer to instructions on how to bring up a consumer account.

Once the account is open, you will see options at the top. Select the option to Reset Online Password. If you do not see this option, either the reference number is not associated with a web user, or you do not have permissions to perform that action.

The next screen will allow you to reset the users password. The screen will show you the Old Email Address which is the current email address on this account. You must fill in the value for 'Send Reset to Email Address' which is the email address that the password link will be sent to.

NOTE: In most cases you will want to send the email to the current email address. The best practice is to copy and paste the email address to avoid typos. There are rare circumstance that you need to resend to a new email address. One reason is that the consumer cannot receive emails at their primary address from your company because of a firewall or email policy. In this case you can enter a secondary email address into the text-box instead.

Emails will be sent within 1 minute, so it recommended, that if the Consumer is on the phone with you, you wait for them to confirm receipt of the email.

Below is an example email that is sent to the consumer. Your agency may have configured this differently.

After clicking the link, the user will see a screen to reset the their password.

Additional Information

For security reasons there is no reason for an Agent to ask a Consumer for a password or for a Consumer to share their password with an Agent. Agents can only send Password Reset Emails. These emails do NOT contain a password.

For security reasons the Password Reset Email is only valid for 24 hours.

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