Payments by Day or Payment History Report

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The payment reports include additional information to aide you in monitoring and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for your organization. 

The Payments By Day report captures all the payments received within a specified date range or day. The report includes the following details:

  • First Column - link to the consumer account for each payment. Click the link to drill down to the account details.
  • Source - identifies payments made on the web or internally processes. 
  • Created - date the payment was created.
  • Reference number - reference number or account number the payment was made on.
  • Client name - name of the Consumer.
  • Scheduled Payment - one time payments or payment scheduled.
  • Settlement offers - if a settlement offer was made
  • # of payments - how many payments were made on the account.
  • Payment Amount - the amount of the payment received.
  • Post Dated Amount - if a future payment was scheduled.
  • Balance - the balance at the time of the payment.
  • Type - (Credit or Debit Card or ACH)
  • Sync Status - this is used to indicate the status of a sync (synchronization) between your collection system and the portal. The portal has an API that allows collection systems to automatically pull in payments in near-real-time. When the collection system pulls in the payment, they can mark the payment and "sync'ed". This allows you to confirm that the payment is now in your collection system. If your collection system does not have the ability to import payments automatically and you are doing it manually, this will always read "pending".

Create a Report

  1. Go to the Payments tab.
  2. Click on the Daily report.
  3. Enter a Start Date and End Date. If only one day is needed, the End Date field can be left blank.
    Summary dashboards with graphics tabulate and display the results of data shown in the grid below.

Export the Report

  1. Click the Export option above the grid to extract the data for further analysis and filters. The report will download to a CSV file with the data within the range specified.

Additional Features

  1. Sort by Column - click on the column header to sort by that value. The green arrow indicates that the report is sorted by that column.

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