How to Process Recurring Transactions - Using CSV Files

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The TakeWebPayments solution can accept recurring payment changes from your collections software once the following steps have been put into place.

For additional information on how the consumer can setup recurring payments on the customer portal, review this help article consumer recurring payment process.

Data Set Up for Recurring Payments 

The following data must be provided to Concepts2Code in order to begin accepting recurring payments on your customer portal.

Your consumer data, has options for each consumer which include the following:

  • AcceptRecurringCheckingPayment - True if recurring checking account (ACH) payments are allowed
  • AcceptRecurringCreditCard - True if recurring credit card payments are allowed 
  • AcceptRecurringDebitCard - True if recurring debit card payments are allowed

By default, when enabled all consumers will be able to make recurring payments. If you have business rules in which some accounts can and cannot accept recurring payments, please contact Concepts2Code before this is enabled.

Payment Processing Overview

Once you have enabled recurring payments, payments on the website will be accepted and made available to Import into your collection system to be added as Post Dates. Once they are in our system, you may modify them as you always do. The TakeWebPayments solutions can process any Post Dates that were originated in the system even if the dates or amounts have been modified after the fact. Post Date Payments may be made either by uploading a CSV file to the TWP Dashboard using the Payment Processing File method or automated using an SFTP account. 

Create Payment Processing File

  1. Create a file with a unique naming convention such as "paymentstoprocess2021-8-19.csv".
  2. The .csv file must contain the following fields. See example below.
  3. Upload the .csv file to the FTP account created by Concepts2Code.
  • token (use the Primary Token from the consumer's account, not the Gateway Token)
  • amount (the amount to be paid on the account, no dollar signs)
  • referencenumber (or account number)

A sample file is attached (see file at bottom of article). The file is shown here:

Processing Credit Card Post Dates

FTP Upload Method

Follow the steps outlined above and then proceed to upload the file to your FTP account:

  1. If you do not have the Username and Password to access the Concepts2Code FTP account, contact us at
    Refer to your FTP program to access your account and upload the file to C2CIn-app Upload

In-app File Upload Method

If you do not have access to the FTP account, the payments maybe processing using the in-app Payment Processing File option from the Dashboard. 

  1. Save the .csv file to your Desktop or another location. Be sure to have a unique name for each upload, we suggest putting the date at the end.
  2. Log into the TakeWebPayments solution.
  3. From the Dashboard, click the Payment Processing File option.
  4. Click Choose File
  5. Navigate to your saved .csv file with the payment information configured as shown in the example below.
  6. Click on the file from the Windows Explorer window to upload the .csv file.
The system will immediately alert you in the banner at the top of the screen that the file is being processed. Once complete an email will be sent to the user who uploaded the file as shown in the Payment Processing Notification section below.


Outlined below are a few helpful tips regarding the data submission process.   
  • Files must be in .CSV format
  • The files may be submitted for processing multiple times a day via SFTP. 
  • A unique file name must be used for each submission.

Payment Processing Notifications & Reports

Once the file has been uploaded either to the SFTP account or through the in-app Payment Processing File method, Concepts2Code will process the recurring payment transaction information updating the customer portal with the recurring payment information.


Once your file has been processed, the original csv file will be altered to include additional fields containing status updates regarding the recurring payment process. The appended data fields will be labeled
  • Approved - true or false
  • ApprovalCode - the Gateway Approval Code (for approved transactions only)
  • ErrorMessage - any error information available if the transaction was not approved

Additionally, a summary email will be sent with a general status of (pending and complete) regarding each file submission. The notification emails will be sent to one or more email addresses which can be configured.

Import Started Example Email

Import Complete Example Email


Import File History

To view the history of the imports:

  1. Go to the Dashboard.
  2. In the Data Import section, click the link to the Import History link.

It will bring you into the detailed import history for all previous imports. An files currently in progress will show in the Pending Files section until the payments have been processed.

Upon final processing, the .csv file will be uploaded to the Daily Summary Reports folder.
  1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. Select Daily Summary Reports and all the files uploaded with be displayed at the bottom of the File list. The report will include the status of each transaction listed in the file.

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