All Email Campaigns

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In the event that you should need to review a previously sent batch of emails for validation or troubleshooting purposes, follow the below steps.

All Email Campaigns

  1. Go to the Email/Letter/Text tab on the top navigation menu.
  2. Navigate to the Email Campaigns section.
  3. Click on the All Email Campaigns on the left-side panel. 
  4. The next window will show a listing of all prior batches and details regarding the batch delivery such as:
    • Batch ID - this is the name of the email batch sent. Note that each batch has the date and time stamped at the end for ease of finding the correct batch.
    • Created - the date the batch was created for processing.
    • Status - provides the status of the batch. If newly created the status will appear as "Pending". Once the batch has been processed the status will update to "Complete".
    • Total - the total count of all emails/letters in the batch.
    • Sent - shows the total number of emails and/or letters sent.
    • Suppressed - indicated how many emails/letters were suppressed from sending. For additional information on suppressed emails, check our our help article on why was an email suppressed.
    • Errors - indicates how many emails/letters had errors and were not sent

View Batch Details

To review the detailed metrics of a batch or campaign:

  1. Use the Start Date and End Date at the top of the Email Batches screen to narrow down and find campaigns by a specific date range. 
  2. Looking through the Batch ID column, locate the batch name. Note: each batch name consists of the internal template name used to send the campaign and is automatically time stamped on the day and time the campaign was generated.
  3. Once the batch is located, click on the BatchID name in the far left column.
  4. A summary dashboard with visual graphics is displayed with all the Batch Details at the top of the screen. 

The Status grid includes an overview of the email and/or letter campaign (batch) status that illustrates the campaigns progress. The batch Metrics gauges the campaign post delivery activities such as open and click-through rates providing valuable KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).  The Direct Mail grid displays the status of only direct mail processing. The visual dashboards associated with the campaign grids provides an at-a-glance view of all campaign activities including tabulated values and color coded legends. 

View Account Details

To view specific account details within a batch of emails follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to the Preview section and enter a consumer's Email address or Reference number into the appropriate field. 
  2. Click Search.
  3. The account will be retrieved and shown in the Preview gird as shown above.

View Email from Batch

To view the specifics of the email or letter that was generated for the account. Click the View link to the left of the consumer's account number. The following information will be displayed:

  •  General Information - about the batch
  •  Batch/Template Info - details about the email template used and the status of the batch
  •  Email Info -statistics on the email activity including details such as click and bounce-back notifications
  •  Email body - shows the email template that was used for the batch

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