To send mass emails or letters you must first configure your email and letter templates. For more details on how to create an email batch, refer to our help article on: How to Create an Email Template.  Once the template is created, follow the instructions below:

Click here to watch a brief instructional video..

Select Emails/Letters at the top, then Send New Batch 

On the next screen:

  1. Click the Select Email Template to send.
  2. Enter a list of account numbers (or upload a file)
  3. Click Send

NOTE: The email process will generate your batch of emails. This will take approximately one minute for a small batch but could up to several minutes for large batches.

To view the status of the batch, click on Emails/Letters and the Pending Email Batches.

You will now see your batch and any other batches that were generated. You can tell the batch is ready because there are zero emails in the New column. A number in the new column indicates that there are still unprocessed emails. 

Note in the example below, only two of the three emails are ready for approval and one caused an error. This will not stop you from proceeding. 

Click the batch you want to approve. At this time you can preview any email or approve the batch. Once you approve the batch it will be sent and the process cannot be stopped.

Any emails with an Error will be noted in the Status column. Additional details are available by clicking on the Consumer Reference Number to access their account.