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Modified on Mon, 31 Jan, 2022 at 11:56 AM

When sending out email campaigns you may the error Account Not Found. This message indicates that the account was not present at the time of processing an email campaign. You may be able to click the account and view the account. Below are some scenarios in which this can happen:

NOTE: This article assume your Agency is using the CSV file importer. Agencies with real-time API access will need to diagnose steps with their API.

Data Imported After Campaign is Loaded

If you are importing daily files of accounts and your campaign is generated before the daily account file is loaded this can cause the issue. For example, if your daily import of data happens overnight then you will not be able to send emails until the day following the load of your new accounts into your collection system.

To troubleshoot this issue there are few things to look at. You may need administrative rights to see these screens. 

If you are uploading standard CSV files, review the log of your imports to see when the last file was imported. Also look in the last column to ensure there was not an error during the import. If this is a new account and the last import occurred after you generated the batch, then the account was not found at the time the batch was generated. Simply deleting and re-creating the batch will solve the problem.

The Account is Not Found and it Should Exist

If the account is not found and you expect it to be there, then there must be a reason why. Follow the same steps as mentioned above to see if they import process is getting errors or if an updated file has not been loaded recently. You can view the actual file that was imported by clicking the View link. if the account is missing from the CSV file then consult with your IT team to see if that account is being filtered out.


If the issue is just one of timing and the campaign is generated before the account is imported, then simply follow the steps below:

  1. Delete the erroneous Batch.
  2. Upload new consumer account data 
  3. Once the consumer accounts are uploaded to the system. Send the campaign.
  4. For more information on how to send a campaign check out our help article. How to send mass email campaigns

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