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The Metrics page can be accessed by clicking 'Metrics' in the menu bar

This page will give a high level overview of Payments, Email Campaigns and Text Messaging for the given date range selected.

General Usage

If your date range is 45 or less days the results will be rolled up to the day in the results, if it is more than 45 the data will roll up to the month.

Example By Day

Example of Results by Month

If the returned results has only a single set of data (1 day or 1 month) then it will display as a bar chart for easier viewing.

Toggling Data In Graphs

When viewing a graph, you can toggle a data set in the series by clicking the name in the legend.  This can help get clarity on the remaining items by removing a dataset that is at a larger scale then the others or simply to just declutter the view and concentrate on a few items.

(Scheduled Post Dates hidden)


The top section of the the payments section is a total for all the dates in the range together.

The graph below it will represent the Same day and Post Dates taken in that range but rolled up to either the day or month within that range based on your selected date range.

Top 10 Clients

The top 10 Client's graph will show the total amounts committed by consumers for the top 10 clients over that date range.

Email Statistics

The Email Statistics shows the breakdown approved email campaigns that were enqueued during the given date range.

At the top is the aggregate of all the campaigns.  Sent is a % of Requested and all other Stats are a % of Sent.

The bottom graph displays campaign activity by enqueued date rolled up to the day or month depending on the date range selected.

Text Messaging Statistics

The text messaging statistics section shows text messaging activity for both sent and received during the selected time period as well as Text Message campaigns for the range within the graph.  Unlike email this is showing activity outside of campaigns as well for the top info bar and the All Text Message Activity for Range graph.

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