Email Complaint Report

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct, 2022 at 6:58 AM

When someone tags your email as 'spam' or reports it to their email provider, it is considered a complaint. This is not good for your or the Email server that it was sent from. It can hurt your email reputation if you send another email to that email address. A complaint is different from an Email bounce in that the user actually took the time to complain. It was not the mail server itself reporting the issue (as it would be for a bounce). There are times when you may need to gather a report for auditing purposes for a client or specific campaign. To accomplish this follow the below steps.

  1. Log into the TakeWebPayments Admin site.
  2. Click on the Email/Letter/Text tab. 
  3. Scroll down to the Email Reports section.
  4. Click on the Complaint Email List and all the campaigns will show with results, opens, clicks, etc., shown in the grid. 
  5. To see individual emails click on the View Email. Or use the search at the top to locate a specific campaign.
  6. The report can be extracted into a csv file and filtered to further assess opens, click-thru, bounces and other metrics. To export the date, simply click on the Export link above the grid. 

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