How to change the email address your campaigns are sending from...

Modified on Wed, 17 May, 2023 at 5:03 PM

During onboarding, each system will be configured with one or more "sending" email addresses. You may use any of your validated sending email addresses to send campaigns from. See this links for more information on editing templates. Each template has a dropdown where one of the approved email addresses can be selected. Any campaign sent will use the sending email address of that template.



If you need to add a new email address to your list of approved email addresses, you will need to contact support. In most cases, we can approve and verify your email within 24 hours. Below are the requirements for adding a new email address:

  1. You must have the ability to receive emails sent to that email address that you want to send from. If a consumer replies to your email, you will want to ensure it ends up in an Inbox that is monitored by your team. No matter how many times you tell consumers not to reply to campaign emails, they will still reply. You do not want to miss these replies.
  2. You must own and control the domain that you are sending from. You cannot send from public domains such as Gmail or Yahoo.
  3. The domain must represent your company. For compliance you cannot mis-represent the name or type of company that is sending them email.
  4. There must be a website at the domain that you are sending emails from. If you want to send from, you must have an existing website representing your company at the domain


If you are adding a new email address to a domain that has already been verified, the process will be quick. Please send an email to and tell them the new email address you want to send from. Our team will send you a test email to that email address and you will need to respond to confirm you can receive the email address. Once that is complete our team will add the email address to your system, and you will be able to send from it.


If you are adding a new email address that has a domain that has not yet been verified, some additional steps will be needed. Send an email to informing them of the new email address. Our team will detect that it is a new domain and create DNS entries for you to verify ownership of the domain. You will need to have your IT involved to verify ownership of the domain. Once that is complete, the standard process for validating an email will take place.

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