You can initiate email campaigns using SFTP files or manually uploading files to the site. The file format for Importing email campaigns is the same as it is for importing documents. The only difference is that some of the fields used for documents can be ignored.

For more information, see the file format for importing documents (which can optionally have an email). The files are the same format.


Header.csv File Format

The header.csv must be the only file in the zip file.

Basic Format

  • The CSV file must be an ASCII text file. Unicode characters are not supported.
  • Each line of the CSV file must end with a carriage return line feed combination (ASCI 13, and 10).
  • The first row in the file must be a header row consisting of the fields you are including.
  • Carriage returns and line feeds cannot exist in any data fields.
  • A carriage return/line feed is not required on the last row of data (but is allowed)
  • Any blank line in the file (after the header) is ignored
  • The following fields are required in every file.
    1. AccountNumber
    2. EmailTemplateName

Custom Fields

In addition to the supported fields, you may have any number of custom fields. Custom fields are used when you are including an Email Template. They are used to build the email. If no Email Template is specified or the template does not use all of the custom fields, the additional fields are ignored. All custom fields are treated as text and will show up exactly how you supply them. Custom fields must be prefixed with an asterisk (*). This lets the import know that it is not a standard field. Custom fields should not reuse any existing field names. They should contain only letters and numbers. Examples are show below:

  • *LoanType
  • *LegalDisclosure
  • *Address2
  • *Balance

Field Values

The values for each field are described below:




The account number that this document is associated with.


This field is optional. When specified, it must be a valid Email Template Name within the system. Specifying a value in this field will cause an email to be generated at the time the document is loaded.


When EmailTemplateName is specified, this email address will be used to send the email. If an email is not specified, then the email address already on the account will be used.

CustomFieldsCustom Fields (described above) can go here. These are optional.


Example File

Below is an example of a single file. Because of word wrap, some records appear to extend onto multiple lines. That would not be the case when saving in a CSV file.

12345,SIF Email,$100.00,Due by 2/24/2023
67890,SIF Email,$100.00,Due by 2/24/2023