Tracking Bounced Emails

Modified on Tue, 3 Nov, 2020 at 11:15 AM

Tracking bounced emails is critical for maintaining your email reputation. When you use the TWP site, our email services manage this for you. Each email goes out through our servers which are configured to report bounces right back to us. 

If you use your own SMTP servers you will have to manage this for yourself which means manually flagging each email as bounced through the admin panel.

To manually flag an email as bounced, go to the Emails menu at the top: 

Then go to "View Sent Emails"

Find the email that bounced and select it. 

Then click on Report Hard Bounce Now or Report Soft Bounce Now. This will add the current time stamp as the time that the bounce was recorded. You can only bounce an email one time, so ensure you know if it is a hard or soft bounce.

When you report a "Hard" bounce, the email address is added to your DNE (Do Not Email) List so that you cannot send any more emails to it. The email address is considered invalid. If you choose to "Soft" bounce the email, it will be flagged as a bounce but will not be blocked from further sending.

Note: This process is manual and tedious. It is here only for backwards compatibility with companies that host their own email servers. Please note that Concepts2Code provides fully compliant email services to all customers. With our servers this entire process is obsolete because our mail servers will do all the tracking for you. 

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