How to Establish a Settlement Offer - Administration

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Any account can have one (1) settlement offered at any given time. To prompt the user for settlement arrangements, the following values must be transferred or uploaded from your collections system via API, SFTP, or In-App upload of the consumer data import file with settlement offer details:

  • Settlement Offered: If Yes, the below fields are needed. If no, other fields are not needed
  • Settlement Amount: The total amount of the settlement
  • Settlement Text: Additional text you want to display to the user when they are looking at this account on the payment screen.
  • Max Settlement Payments - The maximum number of payments that the user will be allowed to enter to complete the settlement post dates
  • Max Settlement Date - the final date all payments must be received by.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Custom Data Mappings configured by Concepts2Code that are hard-coded into the portal will take priority over Consumer data transmitted from your Collection System or Consumer Data File Upload.


If the above data was transmitted to your TakeWebPayments solution; as shown in the above example, the following guidelines would then be presented to the consumer.

The consumer is prompted with a large highlighted notice that a settlement offer was made and instructs them to select "Pay off the Settlement".  The three "Payment Options" are hard-coded into the program for all our customers and given as general options for payment, the drop-down is not customizable by the client site.

The consumer can change the dates and amounts as long as they fit the guidelines

Important Note:

When using a credit card, the consumer can only make one payment regardless of settings.

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