Overview of API Access

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API's are the key to allowing applications to work together. Most modern systems have API's to allow other systems to connect to them and do one or more of the following:

  • Get data from the system
  • Add data to the system
  • Perform some sort of action in the system

The benefits of connecting multiple systems is endless. With APIs you can:

  • Eliminate time consuming data transfers
  • Gain access to data in real-time regardless of where it was generated
  • Build custom logic on top of existing systems
  • Create custom reporting that combines information from multiple sources 

API's allow you to customize how a systems works. It allows you to pull the data you want that is specific to your own application. For the most part, API's allow real-time access to data.

What type of APIs are used by Concepts2Code?

There are 2 primary API systems.

  1. An API that connects to your CRM to Concepts2Code. This works internally between the Concepts2Code portal and your CRM, allowing you to have real-time data in the portal. Additionally, data can be pushed back to your CRM in real-time.

  2. An API that allows you to connect and pull data from the portal. This API allows you to to build custom applications that pull real-time data such as payments from the the portal.

Is real-time data possible?

Yes - Concepts2Code can connect directly to any Collection System that has a supported API which provides the data needed in the portal. Concepts2Code partners with multiple collection systems and builds APIs for them for FREE. If your collection system has an API, Concepts2Code will connect the two systems for FREE. If they do not have their own API, we may be able to provide a FREE one to them.

For more information about API's, contact us directly!

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