You can compose an email template with any text or formatting using the built in email composer. In addition to having standardized email templates, you can also include replacement codes that will be looked up based on various account data. 

To create an email template: 

  1. Login to your site.
  2. On the upper right-hand side of the top navigation toolbar click Emails/Letters/Text
  3. Click the Add link in the upper left-hand corner to create a new template.
  4. Select Email Templates
  5. Fill in the general Basic Info fields as shown below.
    • Subject - the actual subject that will appear when the email is sent.
    • Internal Name - the internal reference name of the email, this is only visible to you as the administrator.
    • Sender Email Address - Select the sending email address from the pick-list.
    • Language - select the appropriate language to use from the drop-down.
    • Email Footer - select the desired language of the footer to be included in the email.
  6. If an Attachment is to be included:
    1. Click Choose Files.
    2. Navigate to the file to be attached using your Windows explorer.
    3. Choose from one of the Attachment Options:
  7. To set a maximum number of pages to be generated, enter the total pages in the Max Page Count field. This allows a safety net for dynamically created document to not exceed a maximum number of pages. If the document exceeds the max pages specified, it will be rejected.
  8. In the Email Body section, simply enter the verbiage of the email.  
  9. Insert a Replacement Field to include a built-in or custom field that will be inserted into email or letter template to permit customization by consumer's specific data.

11. When complete, click the Save or Save and Close button.

Campaign Quick Tips:

  • Use the Search field above the Replacement Fields to quickly locate a replacement field that is needed in an email or letter template. Once inserted the system will automatically review the list of Replacement Fields and update the replacement field code with the correct consumer data before your campaign is sent. 
  • Need to include a future date in communications? Use one of the DatePlusXX fields that will automatically calculate the number of days forward from today's date. Example [DatePlus45] will insert the the date 45 days from todays date. Eliminating the manual calculation and updating of email or letter templates.