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When using EzPay365 you will have 3 separate sets of gateway credentials. All 3 will be needed during setup. 

Please supply this information during onboarding.

  • Primary Gateway User and Password
  • Fee Gateway Username and Password
  • Direct Gateway Username and Password

In addition, you must select one of the following fee options:

  • Flat fee (optional)
  • Percent fee (optional)

Other options:

  • Max fee (optional)
  • List of States that DO NOT allow service fees:

You can have either a flat fee or a percent fee. For example, you can have a flat fee of $3.99 or a percent fee of 3%. You can use one or the other, but not both. You may also specify a Max fee where the fee will never be exceeded. For example, if your fee percent is 3% on a payment of $1,000, the fee would be $30, but if you specify a max fee of $25 the fee is adjusted to $25.

You may specify a list of states that do not allow service fees. During setup, please consult your compliance team and determine if there are states that you will not be charging a fee. The state is determined by the zip code of the credit card being used.

Note about Fees

When you charge a fee, the fee is sent to a separate gateway after the payment has been approved. There will be two separate transactions that the user will see on their credit card. Once the primary payment is approved the transaction is considered complete. If the secondary fee transaction is not approved the payment is still taken. It is rare for the payment to be approved and the fee is not, but it can happen. If the consumer only has a $100 credit line and makes a payment of $100, the fee transaction which runs immediately afterward may be declined. In this case, the payment is still taken without the fee.

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