Email Template Built-in Error Checking Tools

Modified on Thu, 01 Jun 2023 at 11:57 AM

You may find the following warning messages when editing an email template:

This email may contain invalid replacement fields. Brackets were detected within the body that do not match known replacement fields.

  • This warning indicates you may have typed brackets incorrectly, or you have a replacement field that does not exist

This email contains links to sites other than your portal. This is not recommended as it may look like phishing. The links are:

  • This warning indicates you have a link to another website within your template other than your portal

This email displays images on sites other than your portal. It is recommended that you only link to images on your own site. The images are:

  • This warning indicates you have an image in your template that is showing from a site other than your portal

Invalid Replacement Fields

Replacement fields are used to auto-fill emails/letters/texts with specific consumer data from your collection system or built-in replacement fields created for a fast and easy way to automatically calculate dates, amounts, or other specific data points for mass campaigns. The system will scan the template looking for any brackets within the email body, essentially indicating an invalid replacement value. Follow the below steps to correct the issue.

  1. Review the invalid replacement field indicated in the alert at the top of the Email Body, as shown in the example below TIP: Select the text between the brackets and use short-cut keys CTRL+F to find the exact missing replacement value.
  2. Paste or type the name of the replacement value needed in the Search on the right-hand side panel with all the Replacement Fields.
  3. Highlight over the invalid replacement field so the entire replacement field including both brackets are selected.
  4. Click on the correct Replacement Field from the right hand list, it will automatically insert it into the same location. Continue to do this step for each invalid Replacement Field.
  5. Click Save on the bottom left to save changes.


To edit the links and images:

  1. Login to your Admin account.
  2. Go to the email templates located in the Email\Letter\Text menu.
  3. Click on a template name in the far left column of the grid to preview the email template.
  4. Select the image or link identified in the top alert by clicking on it within the Email Body.
  5. Right click on the image or link. This will bring you to the new screen to insert or edit an image or link

Below you can see examples of the warnings provided on a template:

This will allow you to edit the source of the link or image:

Insert/Edit the Link

  1. Enter the URL to the source of the link OR the image. 
  2. Enter a Title, description of the link or image. This will improve the user experience by providing a description of your link and will also reduce the risk of being flagged as spam. 
  3. Select from the drop-down menu if the user should open the link in the Current Window or New Window.
  4. Click Save when done.
  5. Click Save or Save and Close at the bottom of the Email Editor window.

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