State Disclosures

Modified on Wed, 29 Mar, 2023 at 10:17 AM

You may add standard state disclosures to any template using the built-in State Disclosure editor. Using this tool you can create a disclosure for each state. The replacement field [STATE_DISCLOSURES] will lookup the state of the debtor and fill in the appropriate disclosure. If additional customization is needed to Disclosures based on other logic, you can create custom fields instead of using this feature.

To setup State Disclosures go to Settings --> State Disclosures and select Create State Disclosure

  1. Enter the State Code (this must match the 2 character state code that is loaded on the consumer "State" field.
  2. Enter the Language of the disclosure (English or Spanish)
  3. Enter the text of the disclosure
  4. Save the state disclosure

Continue this process for as many custom states that you have. 

Add Disclosure to Email or Letter Template

To add the disclosure to an email or document:

1. Go to the Emails/Letters tab on the top navigation toolbar.

2. Click the Edit Templates link to make changes.

3. Locate the email or letter template the disclosure is to be added to.

4. Click on the name of the template in the Internal Link grid.

5. Scroll to the Email Body and find the location in the document where you wish the disclosure to be inserted.

6. Click on the View Replacements link to the right of the Email Body.

7. Scroll through the list to find the replacement code [STATE DISCLOSURE] or [SPANISH STATE DISCLOSURE], click to add it to the email or document. 

8. Click Save.

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