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Modified on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 08:29 AM

Faster Email Campaigns

Enhancements have been made to speed up the rate at which email campaigns are processed.

"Approval Option" for Email Templates

Approval options can be set on a template and will apply to any campaign created using the template. The options are:

  • Approval Required - The campaign will be built but not sent until a user approves the campaign. This setting is always recommended. It provides an opportunity to preview your emails before they are sent. It also give you a second chance to verify that the correct campaign is being sent to the correct accounts.

  • Pre-Approved - The campaign will be built and sent immediately. No approval is required. This setting is not recommended unless there is another approval process in your work flow.

"Email Type" added to Email Templates

  • Campaign - this is the default option. It should be used for most templates. When the type is Campaign, the email will go through the standard filtering processes. Consumers who unsubscribed will be suppressed from any list. Your whitelisting and blacklisting options will be used. This is the recommended setting for any emails intended to go to a mailing list.

  • Ad hoc - this options indicates that the template is not going to be used for a mailing list. It is a one off or "Ad hoc" email that is intended for use one at a time on a case by case basis. An example may be a confirmation email set to a debtor after having a call with them. Or a settlement confirmation on a single account. Ad hoc emails will be allowed to be sent regardless of whitelisting or blacklisting settings. Whitelisting and blacklisting apply only to mass emails or "Campaigns".

New Sort order on Pending Emails

The Pending and All Emails pages will now default to showing the most recent version first.

New Email Tracking Items

A new tracking items has been added for each email address called OkToSend. If an email is approved for sending, this will contain evidence of the approval. If an email address is being suppressed, this note will state the reason why.  

Additional Information on Suppressed Emails

When emails are blocked based on the built in email scrubbing, the reason for the block will now be recorded on the email under the BlockNotApproved tracking item.

Highlighted Rows in Grids

For easier viewing row with the cursor over it in most grids will now be highlighted.

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