Option for printing emails

A new option has been added to make printing of emails easier and cleaner. When you are previewing an email, click the links to Print or save as a PDF. This will open a new window where the email can be printed. The header and footer of the webpage will not be displayed for a clean copy of the email. You can also use this window to save the email as a PDF.

A more printable version is displayed:

Option to override BIN information

Banking Identification Information (BIN) is used to determine if a credit card is a Credit Card or a Debit Card. This is important when you only want to accept one or the other. In rare circumstances the information may be unavailable or invalid for a particular card. An option has been added to override the default BIN information. By overriding a BIN card type you are telling the system to treat a certain card number as a Debit or Credit Card which overrides the default values in the system. The change can be used to process a card when you know the BIN is not correct. This feature should be used with caution and verified with the consumer.

Search for the BIN by entering the first 6 digits of the card number into the Lookup BIN field.

Click Search to retrieve the card.

Agents should confirm with the consumer the Brand and Bank name before proceeding.

Update the BIN card type from the drop-down list.

Click the Update button to save the changes.