Warnings if consumer data becomes old

Agencies who are not able to utilize a Realtime API can upload daily consumer files as an alternative. While this method is not real-time, it is sometimes the only option if the Agency's Collection System does not have Realtime data access (API's). 

Agencies who rely on a daily import can either upload a file manually (not recommended) or utilized an automated process to upload the file using SFTP (recommended).

While daily file uploads are relatively standard in the industry, they may lead to delays in your data, if your collection system software fails to upload the file on a regular schedule, your data can become out of date. If you have configured regular automation from your collection system, you may also configure the portal to alert you if your collection system fails to provide the data when expected. Two new setting have been added:

  • Warn when consumer data is X hours old - This allows you to specify the tolerance of old data within your system. If your collection system is uploading a file once a day, you would expect that no data would ever be over 24 hours old. We recommend setting this configuration to 25 to allow for a slight tolerance in the file transfer. If the system finds that your data is more than 25 hours old, it will send an alert to your team. You will be alerted each hour that this problem persists.
  • Consumer data expired email list - this setting allows you to configure one or more email addresses that will be alerted in the event that your collection system does not upload the data within the timeframe you configured in the setting above.

Pre-Approve option available for some batches

If you have external applications sending emails through the API, they may have their own approval process built in. The API contains an option to mark a batch as "Pre-Approved" so that it does not need to be approved again. When a batch is created using the API and it is marked as Pre-Approved, the email will be sent as soon as it is built. You can view the status of the Pre-Approval on a campaign under the metrics table.