Bug Fix: Training Assigned without Questions

In prior versions, if a Training Administrator created a training program and assigned it to users before adding the content/questions, a user could potentially start the training and not be able to complete it. This issue has been resolved by preventing users from starting a training which does not have any questions added to it.

Bug fix: Long Training Names

The Training Name field is limited to 50 characters; however, the user was able to enter additional characters resulting in an error message that did not specify what the issue was. The issue has been resolved by limiting the field name to 50 characters and providing a more comprehensive description of the error related to the length of the training name exceeding the limit.

Excel Import Improvement

In prior versions, the Excel file used for importing accounts had to have at least 2 columns in it even though only the first column (A) was imported. This has been fixed so that you can import Excel documents with only one column of data.

Consumer Specific Disclosures/Notifications

A new type of disclosure/notification has been added at the account level. This allows you to specify content to be added when the user is viewing the account level screen. Basic HTML is supported within this field to allow for coloring and font changes. The new field is called "Account Disclosure" and can be set within the custom fields.

This is an alternative to other locations for disclosures such as the primary disclosure when logging in or the state specific disclosures used within emails and letters. This field will also be available as a Replacement field for emails and letters. If you intend to use the field within letters, you must use plain text.