Performance Updates

Batch Email sending has been overhauled to make sending larger batches faster. We have also increased the speed of the Batch Email screen which can take time to load for very large batches.

Email Exports

Bounced Emails, Complaint Emails and Suppress Emails lists can now be exported.

Secure Document Link

A new feature has been added that allows you to send secure document links instead of attachments. When using this feature, simply add the [SECURE DOC LINK] tag to any email when you are creating a PDF. Then select the option of No Attachment. This will cause a link to be created that takes the user directly to the document. Because it is a "secure" document link, the user will first have to login. 

Emails Text View Added

An option now exists to create a text view of the email. This is helpful for quick previews of your email. Although most users will not realized anything is different the "text view" allows your email to show more information within the preview pane of many browsers. This also supports common best practices for email sending. For more information about this feature contact our support team. 


Custom Replacement Fields now show up in the Preview

The email/letter replacement fields support unlimited custom fields. While you may be using some custom fields, they did not show up in the list of usable fields (even though they could be used). All fields (built-in and custom) now show up when creating letters/emails.


Remove Attachment Now Available

If you add an attachment to a template and later decide that you do not want the attachment, you now have the ability to remove it. In the previous version, you would have to delete the template and create a new template if you later decided not to have an attachment.

'Save' and 'Save and Close' buttons added to Email Templates

In order to make editing email templates more efficient, we added the option to 'Save' which will keep the window open for future editing and the 'Save and Close' option which will save your changes and return you to the list of templates. Prior to this update, the 'Save' option was the only available option would automatically return you to the list of templates.

Bug Fix for Renaming Tags

Certain sequences of events caused an error when saving tags. This bug has been fixed.